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What to Consider Before Investing in Dubai Property?

Keturah Reserve in UAE is a modern residential complex consisting of apartments and a limited collection of premium townhouses, developed and implemented by the construction company MAG Group. The project will be built in the gated community of Meydan, part of one of Dubai’s most popular areas, Mohammed Bin Rashid City.

This complex’s lifestyle will focus on environmental friendliness and unity with nature. For the recreation and leisure of residents, Keturah Reserve will create comprehensive conditions with world-class amenities, including wellness services for recovery and relaxation.

Photo by ZQ Lee on Unsplash

Key features of objects

Resort-inspired residences will be built to enhance residents’ physical and emotional well-being through wellness programs.

The residential complex will be implemented in 2 stages. On the first one, 17 villas, about 60 large apartments, 150 small apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms, and a hotel with 100 rooms will be built. In the second phase, one of the largest health centers in the world will be built.

Inside the apartment

The new homes will feature advanced air and water filtration systems and innovative lighting technologies that improve the mood, sleep patterns, and overall health of residents.

Upon completion, buyers will receive their residences fully furnished and ready to move in. They will have all the household appliances and furniture necessary for life and a stylish renovation in light sand colors inspired by the desert. Also, the residences will have spacious balconies, a staff bedroom, a dining area, a pantry, and a personal elevator.

Around Keturah Reserve

Residents of the complex will be able to walk in the park with olive trees. A paved alley with trees will approach each of the houses. Residents will also have access to all entertainment and public recreation areas. Next to Keturah Reserve, squash courts, a football field, and a basketball court will be equipped. Residents can go to the gym and dance studio, visit the audio therapy area, practice yoga and find many other activities they like.


MAG Property Development (MAG PD) is a development division of MAG Group, one of the largest companies in the region. MAG PD’s vision is to be at the forefront of the region’s real estate industry through its commitment to the group’s corporate philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement.


The main factor to consider before buying property in Dubai is location. Choosing the right location will give the buyer easy access to major attractions and infrastructure. That’s why areas like JBR, Dubai Marina, and Business Bay are a favorite choice for investors.

Building architecture and design

The skyline of Dubai has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years. Now it is characterized by skyscrapers, the appearance of which is inspired by the various trends of modern architecture. However, Dubai’s smart urban spaces and innovative technologies create engaged communities where residents can live and work harmoniously. Therefore, when choosing a property, the buyer must evaluate it in terms of beauty, quality, durability, and environmental friendliness.

Rental income and capital gains

Rental yields and capital gains are the most important metrics for medium and long-term investors. Entrepreneurs who prefer to build their portfolios with assets such as real estate have a constant eye on the UAE market due to attractive housing prices, lucrative payment plans, and a favorable economic and political climate.

Remember that while larger properties bring higher rental yields, they also come with higher upfront costs, maintenance, and utility bills. All this together determines the return on investment.

Developer reputation

The Dubai real estate market is seeing a steady increase in demand for residential property. With such a wide range of offers, it can be difficult for a buyer to choose the right investment option. A common mistake inexperienced investors make is turning to developers they know little about. Before making a deal, research and get as much information as possible about the company constructing the object and its past projects.

Help from experts

Expert services are needed not only for beginners but also for experienced investors. Buying a property is a complex process that requires deep knowledge of the local market and many years of experience. The company’s clients can count on the following:

  • assistance with the selection of real estate;
  • support at all stages of the transaction;
  • quality after-sales service.

To make this process as easy and comfortable as possible, visit the official website of the best real estate aggregator in the UAE Emirates Estate – Emirates.Estate.


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