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Ward by Ward: Aveley and Uplands: Can Labour repeat last year’s victory?

JUST a two horse race in Aveley. As it was last year, when Labour won by just twenty votes.

As readers may recall this was, for a long time, a multi-candidate ward.

However, most candidates were, to put it mildly, right of centre.

Labour gained the ward last year as their candidate worked very hard and the Tories councillor (David Van Day) wasn’t particularly popular.

Just a year before that, the Tories won by over 500 votes. But that year (2021) was a real Tory bounce year.

However, this is the year of the £1.5 billion debt and 10% council tax increase. So you would think Labour would have a really good chance.

They have a very solid local candidate. Then again, so have the Tories. And they may well be hoping that ULEZ is a big factor as well.

But in Cathy Sisterson we appear to have a candidate, with a dedicated team, who have really done the hard yards in Aveley

This is going to be close but we think Labour will sneak it.


Jacqui Maney (Conservatives)

Cathy Sisterson (Labour)

YT Prediction: Lab Gain


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