Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Ward by ward: Belhus: Will Baker win or lose by a dozen?

BELHUS can be a strange seat, which may be code for we don’t really know how this one will go.

It has been Labour, UKIP, Conservative and Independent. And with all those parties running, it could go to either four.

Labour have run a couple of close seconds on a number of occasions. But this is Mark Hurrell’s second attempt and he must be keen to be elected this time.

The defending councillor is Thurrock Independent and former Ukipper, Chris Baker. There has always been something genuine and steadfast about Chris Baker. He has never set the world on fire as a councillor but he has always been much respected as a local ward councillor.

But he only fought off Labour by ten votes in 2019 and so this might be the end of the road for Chris.

Abbie Akinbohun was the Conservative councillor for South Chafford. In fact she was the Labour councillor for South Chafford. What is not in dispute is her ability to work really hard in trying to win a seat.

We think this will be a Labour Gain


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