Friday, June 14, 2024

Ward by Ward: Will The Homesteads remain Independent?

ANOTHER tricky one. In many ways, the Homesteads always seems to be loyal to the local candidate who lives and is loyal to their ward.

Conservative councillor James Halden is a case in point. The young mayor won by 659 votes.

But then there is Gary Byrne who is defending the seat. He won through a personal vote in 2019 and he could well do again.

He has certainly remained high profile and has plenty of people on board.

But he only won by 14 votes in 2019. However the Tories are surely at their most vulnerable this year and so it may be the right time to hold on.

Good to see Tony Benson standing but it is a long time since there has been a Labour presence here (although he is local).

The presence of a Reform UK candidate is interesting. There may well be a candidate for next years General Election so the votes tallied here will be worth noting.

YT Prediction: Ind Hold





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