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More than 600 sign brown bin petition in Thurrock

MORE than 600 people have signed a petition against a decision to stop brown bin collections in Thurrock.

The end of the garden waste collections “until further notice” was announced so suddenly angry residents have been left with full bins they assumed would be collected reports the Local Democracy Reporter.

The service was only reinstalled in April, collecting garden waste to be composted on alternate weeks, but it’s swift removal has attracted much criticism.

The petition, which it is hoped will reach 1,000 signatures, was started by Gary Byrne, Thurrock Independent councillor for The Homesteads.

The petition demands and investigation into “why a highly paid management team do not have the project management skills to deliver and effective refuse collection service”. The petition says the decision means residents are paying more for “cuts in the basic needs of the community”.

Last week, the council confirmed the brown bins were currently not being collected and said residents had been informed via an e-newsletter and social media.

The council added: “There is no formal decision on the future of the brown bin service, any decision will be made through the council’s governance processes.”

Many residents took to social media to voice their surprise and annoyance at the change.

One resident said: “My Brown bin which is full has been left in the street and will remain there until they empty it or remove it entirely.”

Another said: “I’ve been putting my garden waste in my grey bin for weeks now and it has been getting collected the only issue is I’m going to need a second bin soon. I don’t understand why they just don’t take the brown bin and dump it at the same time in the same lorry as the grey/green bin.

Seeing as we are allowed two grey/green bins and we are allowed to put garden waste in them it would make sense to just empty the brown bin at the same time as the grey/green bin but I guess that would make too much sense to this Tory run council.


  1. If the council are stopping the brown bin collection they should of let people know that the last collection they did would be the last one…just a sticker on the bin would suffice. My brown bin is full it’s on the pavement and it will stay there until they decide what to do with it

  2. Disgraceful. I cannot compost or take grass to tip, what do I do. Everyone should put their bins in the road outside their houses until they get collected.

  3. Put my grass cuttings in the green bin as they have stopped the brown bin collection they refused to pick it up and put a tag on it stating ” we cannot collect your bin until all non compostable items have been removed”, thought the green bin was for the stuff they are not recycling, come on thurrock council what’s it to be as nothing makes any sense

  4. My brown bin is full up to with grass cuttings and have black bags to Also full as the council changed out collection if bins to bags so what are we suppose to do with it all now.


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