Thursday, June 13, 2024

Anyone for Croquet in Thurrock?

ONE of the most misunderstood sports has a series of free events across England for National Croquet week this May 20 -30th – so get involved. Anyone for croquet? 

The answer’s a resounding yes according to the National Croquet Association, which is hammering home how diverse, accessible and fun this sport is.

Men line up against women, children play against pensioners and people with disabilities can wipe the floor with their able-bodied opponents during a game of croquet. It’s one of our most misunderstood sports but it’s inclusive, easy to pick up and truly levels the playing field. Once the sport of aristocracy, now a sport with hundreds of clubs across England, croquet has seen some huge changes in recent times. 

Literally everyone is welcome to take part, says Paul Hetherington, Marketing Director of The Croquet Association, who wants new players from all backgrounds to pick up a mallet during a series of free events held during National Croquet Week from 20-30 May, the week culminates in the national county finals at Sussex County Croquet Club in Southwick, near Brighton on 27 -30 May. 

“Many people think croquet is only enjoyed by rich people playing on the lawns of stately homes,” Paul said. “But in fact, there are over 200 local clubs across England, and croquet hoops are springing up in gardens of all shapes and sizes across the nation.

“There are players across the country with ages ranging from 15 to 95 competing. We have amputees beating able-bodied players, women and men playing against each other…it truly is the most diverse, accessible, and levelling sport.”

Croquet clubs across the country are opening their doors to anyone who wants to give it a go, find out where your nearest croquet club is and get down there for a free taster. Visit or to find the nearest club to you in the East of England


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