Thursday, June 20, 2024

Labour pressure over brown bin collections seems to have worked

FOLLOWING the recent decision by Thurrock Council to indefinitely suspend brown bin collections, without notice to residents, Shadow Portfolio Holder, Cllr Sara Muldowney wrote to the new Managing Director Commissioner, Dr Dave Smith to make an appeal on residents’ behalf.

Cllr Muldowney said: “Residents were not informed about the suspension of this service, despite government advice clearly stating that they should be.”

“Many residents now have full bins which are rotting on their driveways and pavements.”

“The government advises that there is a bioaerosol health risk from garden waste left for more than 2 weeks.”

“Therefore, I wrote to Dr Smith to urge him to clear the current waste, and to communicate the recent changes to ALL residents, not just those on social media.”

“I am pleased to say that I have received a reply today to say that a final collection of brown bins will be made and a leaflet informing all residents of the brown bin suspension will be sent out at the same time.”


  1. Thank you, Councillor Muldowney, this is much appreciated. Too much is taken for granted these days.
    Not everybody is into following the habit of media information.

  2. How are residents in sheltered housing supposed to get rid of garden waste. Gardens can be a lifeline to them and the majority do not have cars to take waste to the tip. Also as said before, many do not have access to media information.

  3. Am I missing something why can’t the blue and brown bins be collected on alternate weeks that’s what’s going to happen next week so the brown can be emptied, or is it not that they have a problem with recruitment, then they won’t have to recruit, the same crew can work one week blue the next week brown


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