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Changes to Dart Charge this summer means existing account holders need to take action 

NATIONAL Highways announces improvements to Dart Charge – the payment system for journeys across the Dartford Crossing over the River Thames.  

A new Service Provider (Conduent) will become responsible for vehicle identification, payment processing and account management. Emovis will continue to issue and handle enquiries for Penalty Charge Notices. 

National Highways have undertaken customer research to ensure customer needs have been incorporated into the new design. Dart Charge customers will see improvements on the website, making it an easier and more accessible service. 

These changes, along with new banking requirements, mean that account holders will need to re-validate their payment cards from 28 July 2023. This includes Pay as You Go customers. We have written directly to affected customers. There will be easy to follow instructions when customers log into their account. If no action is taken crossings will not be automatically paid due to invalid card payment details, which may result in a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) being issued.  

National Highways will be issuing further reminders in due course, together with messages on social media to highlight the need for customers to take action on their accounts. Whilst they recognise that this may be an inconvenience to existing customers, their communication campaigns and easy to follow online instructions aim to reduce the impact. 

Helen Watkinson, Head of Road User Charging, Dart Charge, said: 

“We are really excited about the changes to Dart Charge. We have worked hard to design a customer centric service with the new suppliers, really putting the customer at the heart of our design. Whilst there are improvements from day one, we have further exciting improvements in the pipeline to further enhance the service offer and offer customers more flexibility.  

“We will announce further changes as they come online. We thank our customers for their feedback which has helped to design the new service and look forward to continuing that customer relationship to further improve the service.  Customers can leave feedback and comments on the website:” 

Anyone wanting to know more about the scheme, or for any help, can visit: 


  1. What a load of Codswallop .Excited about nothing just angry the payments to non British company’s that were promised to be free when full cost of constructing was completed is not something to get excited about.

  2. I am an account holder with automatic payments. I have not been inform as they say. This is yet another con hoping motorists will forget and get a fine.

  3. Same here – no information recieved and nothing flagging up when logging on to my account!!

  4. Do you think there is a slight chance that Scammers are already busy composing their New Dart Charge banking emails? Stand By to receive your first one. How exciting is that?
    Dart Charge’s last email on 26th April said to wait until we account holders are informed of the actual date of changeover. It also said it was a Thirty Day Notice but as that was seventy days ago it doesn’t bode well. If you did the required account changes now they would only apply to the current system and would almost certainly expire at the end of the Last Day anyway. Try holding your breath, only 21 days to go

  5. Agrree. I have an account. It’s in credit. I have heard nothing. I’m not paying any fines.

  6. Agree Inger, no information pops up when you login to your account and when you contact customer services for support, you get the same information to revalidate… how?!?!

  7. Agree Inger, no information pops up when you login to your account and when you contact customer services for support, you get the same information to revalidate… how?!?!

  8. I have no information on my account about how to validate my payment details. I changed my password and made a one off payment re-entering my card details but I’m worried now that it might be a scam.

  9. I hold an account,its in credit.Have not been informed either.
    Have just tried logging in online,and its telling me email/password is wrong!!! Not happy!!

  10. I have received an email asking me to update my (currently up-to-date) details, but have not seen the “easy to follow instructions when customers log into their account”. My credit card has recently been renewed by Visa and I had already updated the details on line with Dart Card some weeks previously, so no further changes needed there.

  11. Mine is the same not heard anything until today then can’t log into my account saying wrong details

  12. I hold an account, its in credit. Have not been informed either.
    Have just tried logging in online, and its telling me email/password is wrong!!! Not happy!!
    Tried logging on phone and did a password reset, got into account but nothing there about making changes.

  13. Just phoned the Dart charge number after receiving an email and it’s a recorded message saying changes can only be made after 28 July.

  14. I have also got an account which is in credit and have heard nothing about what to after 28th July, tried to log into my email, and email no longer exists, ridiculous, have tried to ring but no answer, obviously going to lose rhe money on my account

  15. What a sad life you must live if you are excited by changing the way you fleece the motoring public. Surely the aim is to improve the flow of traffic and reduce the impact of having to pay the toll (which was supposed have ended by now). Since the toll booths were removed the queues have only got worse in my experience and we also have to spend time on top of that making sure we pay on time to avoid a fine.

    If the way they have handled the communication of these changes is an example of their customer focused approach then heaven help us. If a private business treated me with such little respect then they wouldn’t keep my custom. Trouble is what choice do we have? I dare say that once they start taking payments again their system will be unable to cope with the demand!

  16. I have £18.50 on my dart card back in April they said this was happening and to change over BY 28th July. Today is the 28th July and the system is closed until midday on 30th July i need to use the tunnel on Saturday and if I get fined there will be hell to pay.

  17. BOLLOCKS !!! I cant log into re register.
    Another balls up and IMNOT EXCITED about that for sure.

  18. I tried to log in to my account unable to do so some wonder person tells us we will be contacted as to what to do load lies also along comes this new operator in tow with government who decide to change system which worked perfectly Its one way to say you will have to create another account and lose money on your existing account all in dart charge favour

  19. I have an account that is automatic payments which is in credit I have heard or have not been contacted at all . My email and password is not recognised what is happening???

  20. Came through this evening,, have continuous account,, try to access tonight/now 1.20am ,, no joy. .. I agree, hell to pay if I get fine,,, enough is enough.

  21. I finally managed to log into my account early evening Sunday to top up and check whether I still had enough credit to cover my journey earlier in the day, having been unable to do this on Friday. Luckily there was enough there but my crossings were not showing up in the history (not unusual) but some press reports have suggested that during the system downtime charges would not be applied automatically. Just tried to log back in again, but now there is a message advising that you need to wait in line and wait your turn, but no indication as to how long this night be.

    Nothing very exciting about the redesign, first impression was that it was less user friendly than the last, but perhaps it was just that I had got used to the old layout. One initial annoyance was having to search for the logout button, also the layout was not as easy to use on a Smart phone.

    Contrary to their press release I have not received a recent email, perhaps because I have not registered a card with them, but I still needed to know about these changes, so that I could have checked my balance and topped up before Friday if necessary. So much for making the system customer centred. Once the problem came to my attention there was nowhere that I could find relevant information other than the rather limited press release which did not even mention that the system would be offline for over 2 days! Their website did say that information was available on Twitter and Facebook but as I do not use either this was no use. Surely the system had enough capacity to have some meaningful information on there rather than just ‘we are having an exciting break come back in a few days’.

  22. I can’t even find a login option, if I follow the link in the email I received earlier this month it just takes me to Gov site to pay the dart charge (I don’t need that) but no option to log into my account. I need to add a vehicle to my account but no way of doing that.

  23. My husband followed all instructions on dart charge website.

    No email arrived.

    He spoke on phone with dart charge several times over the past few weeks and was told to wait for an email to arrive so he can revalidate his account.

    The email has still not arrived.

    The dart charge site states you can update your account from mid-day 30th July 2023.

    He has tried this many times but cannot access his account via dart charge website, Facebook or twitter due to ‘essential maintenance’ being carried out on the site.

    Tried phoning to get this sorted. On the
    9th attempt he is in a call queue. Currently been waiting 55 minutes.

    The automated voice initially said there are ‘288’
    In the call queue and the call will be answered in ’28 minutes’. Really ???

    Complete shambles.

  24. Been trying since 28th to reactivate my card right up until last 3 digits then all goes red right peed off what the hell is going on I have an automatic account

  25. Called up Dart Tag this morning and was on hold for over 1 hour – apparently 300 people on hold already! I am told that a lot of the LRDS accounts have gone into “dormant” status. Mine was showing zero crossings left despite only crossing the bridge 6 times since November last year. They are looking into why this has happened with the LRDS accounts. I was able to re-validate my account over the phone and was told to keep checking the account over the next 2 days to see if the account crossings total is showing correctly. Also recent journeys are not showing on the LRDS accounts.

  26. Can’t access the website, have tried for several days, now being told I’m in a queue. For how long?

  27. After 3 days of trying still being told due to high demand I’m in a queue which see s to be longer than the onto get through the tunnel on a good day! Totally pathetic

  28. Jim What a shambolic situation, why do we have to change the system? I am nearly £20 in credit, yet could get a fine as I can’t re-activate my account as I am held in a queue indefinitely online and can’t get on the phone. If it’s not broken, why try to fix it?

  29. Why try fixing something that isn’t broken ,perhaps they should try fixing the government which is broken by a bunch of conman.have a good day.

  30. I’ve also been waiting for an email also been trying to call but the number is constantly engaged been trying all day

  31. I have been trying to login since yesterday evening – no joy. Phoned them (248th in the queue) it’s an 0300 number (chargeable per minute on my mobile contract) so I’m not holding… absolute disgrace…

  32. been waiting on phone for 12 hrs
    £50 in credit
    no food or water
    ill see you in court
    pathetic shambolic
    how many millions have they stolen from customers
    think a petition needs to be sorted public inquiry heads need to roll

  33. This is causing so much stress I have money on my account so it should have all transfered to new company .it says validate card before next automated payment goes through .does that mean the will take payment from what’s in account. I have called and tried on line all day .

  34. Absolute shambles, been trying to check credit in account subsequent to crossing on 28th July – cannot log in, have not received any emails regarding re-activation of account in new system, cannot get to any response by telephone, website been down since 28th, completely inadequate system to deal with customer queries, happy to go to court and present my case if I am fined.

  35. absolutely disgusted with the dart charge information or lack of. as with all previous comments I I totally agree with . the telephone number is a shambles as three times Ive rung and its a German message but if you wait a bit finally an english speaking message comes on. Get your finger out Dart Charge and send out a new email for your customers and tell us that no penalty charges will be given while we are still in credit.

  36. I agree with all that has been said previously,
    I have been try ing to re validate my card since 28th. Cant find anything on line on how to do this.
    Have rung the phone number given which is automated and no instructions re re validating. only on paying a charge.
    Yes an abosolute shambles. I hope they get it sorted soon and fines not given out due to their incompetence.

  37. I agree with all that has been said previously,
    I have been try ing to re validate my card since 28th. Cant find anything on line on how to do this.
    Have rung the phone number given which is automated and no instructions re re validating. only on paying a charge.
    Yes an abosolute shambles. I hope they get it sorted soon and fines not given out due to their incompetence.

  38. Very magnanimous of them saying they will let us know when they are ready to take our money. We are ready and willing to pay now, if we were in a restaurant and they couldn’t take a payment when we were ready to leave they probably wouldn’t expect us to keep going back until they could. They would probably write it off. Come on Dart Charge do the right thing and make the crossing free, at least until you can get the service up and running properly.

  39. This is now getting on my bloody nerves.

  40. They have screwed up big time! Remember, this crossing was meant to be free, until our greedy Government decided otherwise. Another Government lie. Another Government ‘cock-up’. Whoopee!!!

  41. Keep me updated re validating my account.
    As others have said,seems to be another way to scam money from people.

  42. When are Dart Charge going to communicate directly with their customers. There have been press releases which only give incomplete guidance and then the news outlets put their own spin on it which leads to conflicting ‘information’ and as a result I am still not clear whether there is something more I should do to avoid a fine. I have checked that my account is still active, there was sufficient credit to pay for my crossings on Sunday and I have topped up to cover future crossings, but the money for last Sunday has yet to be debited. Is it not about time we saw some positive results from the exciting improvements!

  43. Really confusing, unable to check my account. I don’t know if they will continue using my debit card or my direct debit or not? I am worried. The system is not allowing.

  44. I’ve been trying to update my card details for days. When I log in and opt to renew with same card, it just goes no further than a circle going round – and round – and round. This is SO frustrating. What on earth is going on? Are you fining people when they use the crossing and haven’t been able to update their details due to a massive fault in the system?!

  45. I’ve logged in and paid an extra £10.00 in to my account last week it showed on my account and accepted my card details, since been through 4 times now and it does not register on my account. What’s going on ?

  46. cant log in to my account. I do the forgot password and states its not registered. Should be in credit somewhere around £40 yet no response to my messages or inquiries

  47. What a shambles 3 times I uploaded my LRDS documents after being informed I needed to re enter my account which was already in credit to £20-00 and was then advised I needed to pay again. 3 times payment was not accepted. What a joke !
    Each time you need to reapply and upload the documents. No wonder this government is going down the toilet, can’t even provide a serviceable payment system, God help them !

  48. I cannot even put in the country that my mobile phone is connected to to change the details on my account. Cannot speak to anyone to get any assistance!

  49. This mess is still going on on 9/9/2023. Never answer the phone, messages on line answered with out of date platitudes, complaints, ditto.

  50. I topped up £10 on line by card on 19th September (not auto top up) and had a confirmation email saying credit on account was £24. On 26th September I had an email saying my credit was £8 and an auto top up would be taken off the same card, between the 19th and 26th there was only one crossing made. Therefore I have lost £16 in credit from my account and can not talk to anyone as phone is automated, emailed them on 26th September still had no response

  51. I have received over 10 PCN’s already for the period after 27th July .
    Only received them mid October and for some I am not offered the opportunity to pay for my crossing only since I was not aware about this change or received any email informing me about this or maybe a reminder to update my details would be helpful.

    I have my account holder for over 4 years and had family cars there to avoid stress and headache. Thanks to this ‘ change’ I am submitting appeals on daily bases.

    We should be offered the opportunity to pay for the crossing since they fail to inform us.


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