Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thurrock Labour condemn Tory attempts to “dodge democracy”.

AT last Wednesday’s Thurrock Council meeting, Conservative councillors voted down a Labour proposal to hold elections for all 49 councillors, next May.

Instead, they attempted to push elections back by saying they should be linked to a Boundary Commission review of electoral arrangements in Thurrock – without specifying any date for the review.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr John Kent – leader of the Labour Group – said;

“The recently published Best Value Inspection report was very clear in its recommendation that Thurrock Council should move to all out elections.

“I agree with that.

We should give every voter the opportunity to have their say on the catastrophic Conservative mismanagement of Thurrock Council’s finances and elect a whole new council as soon as possible – to me that means next May.

“I am disappointed – but not surprised – that the Tories want to stall and push the all out elections into the long grass. They claim to fully support the findings of the Best Value Inspection but are trying to caveats one of its much important recommendations.

“You can only draw the conclusion they are running scared of the electorate.”

Following Wednesday’s meeting a letter from the council to government on this issue has provoked further anger as it asks the Secretary of State to consider using his powers to cancel next year’s local elections in Thurrock before moving to all-out elections in 2025.

John Kent said;

“Thurrock Tories are attempting to dodge democracy by delaying all out elections and even suggesting next year’s elections be cancelled.

“This is absolutely outrageous and I will be writing to the minister to make it totally clear that Thurrock Labour Party want to allow residents to elect a new council as soon as possible and will not support cancelling next year’s polls – our residents deserve the chance to have their say.”


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