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Winter in New Zealand

Most of us in the Northern Hemisphere think of summer holidays as the time to enjoy the sun, hit
the beach, and simply enjoy the hot weather we don’t all necessarily get enough of throughout the
year. However, staying cool, and seeing something completely different can also be an ideal summer
holiday. Heading of to places like New Zealand
Visiting New Zealand in winter can be both a relaxing, sun-loving experience, as well as the welcome
getaway from the heat, while still enjoying plenty of sunshine!

New Zealand visa before you travel
Before you head out, you will need to apply for a New Zealand visa, or an NZeTA. The New Zealand
visa is valid for 2 years, and within those two years, you can travel to New Zealand as often as you’d
like. Although travelling to the other side of the world can be daunting, it is nice to know that you
don’t have to pack everything all into one trip. With the New Zealand visa you can stay in the country
for up to three months at a time, so you can also decide to make the trek for a longer period to get
the most out of your journey.
When applying for the New Zealand visa, you must provide a high quality selfie or photograph of
yourself after filling in the form. And you should receive the visa within a matter of days, so you can
head out on your holiday and take advantage of the winter weather!

Queenstown in the winter
With it’s mountainous views, wineries, ski resorts, and breath-taking nature, Queenstown is an ideal
spot to spend time in the New Zealand winter. The city of Queenstown itself experiences relatively
mild temperatures all year and on average sees know only few days a year. So it is an ideal place to
experience the best of both worlds; you can head off to the mountains to ski, snowboard and
experience a winter wonderland and then head back into the city, and sight see under clear, sunny
skies, since winter happens to be the drier season in this area.
The city itself is also known for all kinds of cuisine, both casual and upscale. The milder winter
weather allows for comfortable dining indoors and out, and considering the beautiful views in
Queenstown, even with a bit of a nip in the air, you will still want to enjoy the view from a terrace or

Wineries in the wintertime
Queensland is located in the Otago region of New Zealand, and within this region there are several
subregions that famous for producing red and white wines. The hillsides surrounding Queenstown
are packed with wineries that provide all-day tours where you can have a full blown wine experience
including tours, sightseeing nearby villages, and al kinds of experiences.
These wineries often provide shuttle services, taking you to the vineyards and back in order to
partake in tastings and thoroughly enjoy all that the wineries have to offer. Many of these companies
also make cheeses, so you can try authentic local cheeses to go with the wines. These kinds of tours

are absolutely still possible in the winter months, and a nice glass of wine helps to warm you up in
case you get chilly.
There are plenty of vineyards, and you could easily spend a few days visiting different places, try local
wines and cheeses, and experience amazing views along the hills overlooking the Kawarau river and
surrounded by the mountain regions. Much like the wine regions throughout Europe, you can
absolutely make a holiday just enjoying all the different wineries along the river.

Queenstown and skiing
Queenstown is synonymous with skiing, and it’s ideal city with a stellar backdrop of gorgeous
mountains that surround Lake Wakatipu. With this many beautiful mountains along surrounding
Queenstown, it becomes the ideal base to experience some skiing during your winter holiday without
necessarily making it the entire aspect of your trip. There are tons of skiing fields to choose from,
many hosting some wonderful slopes for beginners. It is an idea way to try out skiing for the first
time without making a large commitment.
One of the most popular spots is the Remarkables, boasting ideal weather conditions, great slopes
and enough variation for all ranges of ski experience, from beginners to pros. There are also slopes
where experienced skiers can enjoy, like Treble Cone. Some of the locations even offer night skiing,
such as Coronet Park, which is only about 25 minutes from Queenstown. You can even make it a fun
evening date if you decide to. There is Cardona, which has the longest ski season in the area, and
some excellent ski schools and day care centres for children. Cardrona is also home to Olympic level
black runs too, making it ideal for family ski outing.
The aprés-ski scene in Queenstown is also bustling, and luckily this is open to everyone, including
those who didn’t even hit the slopes!


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