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7 Best Music Albums to Study To

While some prefer to study in silence, a lot of students love a soundtrack to keep them focused. It is a personal thing, and for many, music can be a great way to get things done. So if it is true for you, in this article, you’ll find the top albums to try on your next study session.

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Music and Concentration

It is important to note that it is an individual preference to use music for work or not. It can boost productivity and help eliminate background distractions. However, some people find it rather distracting.

What types of music are best for staying productive? Overall, the majority of studies in this regard show that the best choice is something melodic, soothing, and without lyrics. Some of the top choices are:

  • Instrumental music;
  • Jazz;
  • Lo-Fi;
  • Classical music;
  • Sounds of nature;
  • White noise;
  • Movie soundtracks.

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Top Albums for Study Sessions

Brian Eno – Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks

If you are looking for something ambient and out of worldly, this is a perfect choice. It is soothing and helps you get into reading or writing without losing focus. It features no lyrics and creates a peaceful atmosphere ideal for doing something productively.

This is an inspiring album that would suit your study playlist. Brian Eno’s music is available on iTunes, Spotify, and his website.

Hans Zimmer – The Inception Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer is a household name when it comes to amazing movie soundtracks. So it is safe to choose almost any of his works for work or learning. This one is another perfect example of his mastery of creating beautiful melodies.

And it adds some dramatic vibes to anything you are doing while listening to it. If you love the Inception movie, try this soundtrack for writing or revising notes. It is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and Hans Zimmer’s website.

The Album Leaf – Into the Blue Again

This album is another great example of instrumental bliss. It is relaxing and soothing but also inspiring. So students will not get sleepy but instead will be more efficient with their work. It creates an atmosphere of sunshine and summer, even on a rainy day.

As for genre, it is an ambient and beautiful piece of work that suits any type of activity you are dealing with.

Boards of Canada – The Campfire Headspace

Those who love the guitar sounds and downtempo should definitely try this one. It helps you get immersed in your process while not distracting. It features repeating patterns and interesting ambient tunes. It feels almost like an intricate web of sounds that keeps you entertained enough to focus on your studies.

And it is an hour-long album, so often, it is an ideal length for a session before you need to take a break. Remember that it is essential to take breaks during long study sessions because proper relaxation affects your well-being and academic performance.

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

If you do not mind lyrics or need a playlist for tasks besides reading or writing, try this classic Pink Floyd album. First of all, it is a masterpiece on its own, with a unique balance of sounds and tunes. Secondly, the album is perfectly structured and has a pacing perfect for productivity.

It is rich with various instruments and diverse sounds. And when it comes to lyrics, they are thoughtful and inspiring as well. The album has 7 sections with different themes and vibes, so you can choose the one that suits the situation better. And it all still comes to one comprehensive narrative that will keep you working on your task.

Robert Miles – Dreamland

Even if you do not know his name, the chances are you’ve heard the song “Children” at least once. It is a classic instrumental album with a bit of a hypnotic atmosphere and dynamic rhythm. So it suits those who want something more engaging than ambient. It is ideal for staying on track, boosting creativity, and focusing.

Justin Hurwitz – La La Land Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Those looking for something energizing need to check this one out. La La Land needs no introduction, as the movie was a huge hit. And one of the reasons is an astonishing soundtrack.

Check the Complete Musical Experience album because it has not only famous numbers but also transitions, score moments, and soothing melodies.

Other Great Albums to Study to

It is impossible to feature all amazing albums in one article, so here are some other recommendations to choose from:

  • Lindsey Stirling – Lindsey Stirling;
  • Tycho – Awake;
  • Booker T. & The M.G.s – Green Onions;
  • Explosions in the Sky – The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place;
  • Call Me By Your Name Original Motion Picture Soundtrack;
  • Jon Batiste – WE ARE;
  • Leon Bridges – Coming Home.

In Summary

Selecting tunes with lyrics might be distracting when you are reading or writing. Your brain will automatically try to process words, which can distract your focus from the main task. So when you are working on an essay or dissertation, it might be reasonable to choose best research paper writing services . Hopefully, this selection of music will help you get your college studies done. If you still struggle with assignments, remember that everyone has habits that help them concentrate. And you will definitely find yours.


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