Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The Travelling Tilbury’s are coming to Thurrock

RESIDENTS in Thurrock will get the chance to enjoy live music tomorrow (Tuesday, 25 July) when the Travelling Tilburys play their latest gig.

The Travelling Tilburys are a group that just ‘evolved’ a couple of years ago from a few musicians and friends getting together (led by Bill Sach) to set up an Open Mic night at the Tilbury Community Association and Leisure Centre. 

Among the group is Terry Meadows who told Nub News: “We started by rehearsing for fun at the centre and the numbers of performers just grew. We have done some events with eight of us, and some with only four. So we have similarities to the Traveling Wilburys. 

“We are primarily just acoustic guitars and singers – with the occasional flute accompaniment – plus kazoo from time to time!

“Most of our events have been private events at local community halls (Lansbury Gardens, Jack Evans Court,The Pally Club, my local running club) but we also do public events, so far at the Tilbury Centre and the Sandmartin. 

“We have two more events booked at the Sandmartin, today(25 July at 1:30pm) and Wednesday, 30 August at 1:30.

“Our aim is to provide afternoon opportunities for the older generation to continue to experience live music without needing to venture out at nights in the dark etc.

“So I believe these events will become even more popular in the autumn/winter months.”


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