Thursday, September 21, 2023

SmileDirectClub partners with Therapie Clinic group for new locations at Lakeside

SMILEDIRECTCLUB (SDC) UK, the next generation oral care company with the first medical technology platform for teeth straightening, is pleased to announce the opening of eight new physical locations, otherwise known as SmileShops. The new locations in Dublin, Glasgow, Bristol, Leicester and Essex are part of an exclusive partnership with Thérapie Clinic, a renowned aesthetic treatment provider in the UK and Ireland. In addition to the partnership, new SmileShops have also been established in Liverpool and Sheffield, with plans to further expand SmileDirectClub’s presence across the UK, Ireland and US by the end of 2023.

The new SmileShops follow SmileDirectClub reaching its two millionth customer milestone and strong financial performance in the first quarter. The company saw a 38% increase in top line growth compared to the previous quarter.

SmileShops opening in partnership with Thérapie Clinic will operate in the company’s existing locations, creating a unified destination for individuals seeking affordable and easy access to orthodontic and cosmetic treatments.

Commenting on the new partnership, Kevin Dale, Director of Market Sales & International Expansion at SmileDirectClub, said, “We are thrilled to expand our SmileShops into these carefully selected cities, driven by the huge demand we have witnessed in these areas and the positive response we have received from our valued customers. It is now vital for brands to be able to offer a multi-channel offering, these new stores will only strengthen our bricks and mortar approach in addition to our online service offering, making it easier than ever for customers to receive accessible oral care.”

These new SmileShops, expand the company’s network to 18 locations across the UK and Ireland. This is in addition to SmileDirectClub’s SmileBus which provides services across the UK, its Pop-Up London events and its online service offering which allows customers to undertake a fully remote, dentist and orthodontist-directed and prescribed digital option. 

“We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead with this partnership,” said Phillip McGlade, CEO of Thérapie Clinic. “By combining our strengths, we can expand access to high-quality dental care across the UK and Ireland. Together, we are making a significant impact in improving the dental health and confidence of our customers.”

David Cran, Vice President of International at SmileDirectClub, added, “Our collaboration with Thérapie Clinic is a significant milestone in our journey to transform the dental care landscape. An investment of this scale demonstrates our resilience and is a testament to the growth of SmileDirectClub and our commitment to transforming the way people approach their dental health.”


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