Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Check it, don’t chance it’ fuel plea to motorists this August  

NATIONAL Highways is calling on motorists travelling over the summer to check their fuel levels after new figures show there were almost 1,600 fuel-related breakdowns last summer. 

Data shows that during June, July and August last year, there were 274 instances of motorists running out of fuel on motorways across the South East region. 

And to make sure traffic continues to flow, motorists are being reminded to have a safe T.R.I.P and follow National Highways new vehicle checklist.  

National Highways Senior Network Planner, Frank Bird said: “It’s disappointing to see so many vehicles running out of fuel last Summer and our message to drivers is really simple; check it, don’t chance it when it comes to topping up your vehicle with fuel and oil.  

“It’s really important that drivers play their part in helping to keep people moving this Summer and that includes making sure there is enough fuel to reach the destination so make sure you also keep an eye on the fuel gauge during the journey.  We’d also remind motorists to top-up screen-wash to make sure they have good visibility of the road ahead. 

“We’re also calling on motorists to plan regular rest stops because we know that long journeys can be tiring. Every two hours we’d advise people to stop, grab a coffee and some fresh air for at least 15 minutes before carrying on with their journey.”  


For more information on the T.R.I.P vehicle checklist head online to  https://nationalhighways.co.uk/road-safety/TRIP    


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