Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Letter to Editor: Rough sleeping in England up 27%

Dear Editor,

YESTERDAY’S  Government data revealed that shockingly, rough sleeping in England has risen 27% in the past year. And more than doubled since 2010. 

These aren’t just statistics, they are people, thousands of people, who’s lives have fallen apart in a terrible way and haven’t had the support and back up they need at that critical moment. As a result they are sleeping on our streets each night. 

This just should not be happening. One important way to reduce the number of people rough sleeping is to break the link between rough sleeping and the criminal justice system. 

A third of rough sleepers have been in prison, and we know hundreds of people leave prison into homelessness every month. 

This is despite the importance of stable housing in reducing reoffending. Where there are key moments like leaving prison, and someone is at risk of homelessness, we need to ensure that everything possible is done to help people find and keep a home for the long term.


Campbell Robb,

Nacro, Chief Executive


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