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NSPCC: April is Stress Awareness Month

Dear Editor,

APRIL is Stress Awareness Month, and a perfect opportunity to remind any young person experiencing stress or anxiety that Childline is here for them.

Last year, Childline councillors across the country oversaw over 105,000 sessions with children suffering from mental and emotional health issues. More than 30,000 of these sessions were specifically related to stress and anxiety. 

Everyone experiences stress in life and learning how to cope with stress and anxiety can benefit child development and form essential life skills.

A child exposed to prolonged stress or repeated traumatic stressful experiences like abuse or neglect can develop mental health issues that can have long-term consequences for their safety, wellbeing and physical health. 

If a child feels that they have a support network, whether that’s in school, at home or through organisations like Childline, it helps them take the first steps to addressing their challenges and towards a more positive future.

Childline is a safe place for anyone under the age of 19 to turn to if they need help and support. Childline counsellors are available on the phone around the clock on 0800 1111 and through the online chat service at www.childline.org.uk

The Childline website also has areas like the Calm Zone and Toolbox which offer practical tips and help to manage wellbeing including creative ideas, games and videos.

If anyone is interested in joining our team of dedicated Childline volunteer counsellors to help stressed and anxious children then please contact volunteerrecruitment@nspcc.org.uk for more information.


Lauren Erskine

Volunteer Coordinator at Childline 


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