Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Essex Police join forces with Environment Agency to tackle dumping eyesore

OFFICERS from Thurrock Community Policing Team have linked up with the Environment Agency to tackle a problem dumping ground and waste burning site in Ockendon.

They have united for ‘Op Rattlesnake’, a joint operation to enforce a ‘restriction order’ which was imposed on a large piece of land in the Baldwins Farm area. This area had been used for illegal dumping and burning of waste. 

Since November 2023 reports that the activity had increased with burning taking place on a daily basis causing amenity and health concerns.

A statement from Essex Police says: “As the site has shown a complete disregard for relative legislation and notices from the Environment Agency to cease the activity, they have therefore applied for a Restriction Order to limit access to the site.

“Details of four people on the site were taken and the Environment Agency’s prosecutions team are investigating.”


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