Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tilbury bridge featuring Windrush artwork closes

A BRIDGE with artwork to honour Windrush passengers who walked across it when they arrived in the UK in 1948 has been closed until further notice reports the BBC.

Artwork was installed on the Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories (TBWN) at Tilbury Port in 2020 and was created by artist Everton Wright, also known as Evewright.

The exhibition has been comprised of images, documents, audio recordings and memorabilia on 432 panes of glass.

A spokesperson from Evewright Art Foundation said the site had been closed due to reasons out of its control.

The art exhibition was opened up to the public in 2021, the spokesperson said.

Visitors to the bridge have said they would like to the TBWM to become a permanent memorial but a spokesperson said: ” We cannot yet say what the future of the artwork will be at Tilbury bridge.

“However, we do know these resources are important legacies that will keep the ‘Windrush Generations’ memories alive and will remain useful for the public, schools and institutions to engage in this significant artwork.”

The spokesperson added: “Sadly, we don’t have a date as to when our property will be reopened to the public but we will notify the public when we have a better understanding of what’s required.

“We don’t expect this to be available for some weeks.”

The artwork has marked the time hundreds of Caribbean migrants arrived on HMT Empire Windrush at Port of Tilbury almost 80 years ago.


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