Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Charity fundraiser Sam continues to make a splash

A YOUNG man from Thurrock, who now lives in Wales, has shown his commitment to his home area by raising money for the Friends of Treetops School through a sponsored swim.

Sam Turner, who is autistic, has been a long term supporter of Treetops, which he attended as a child, and other good causes in Thurrock and in Wales.

Recently he completed a sponsored swim of 20 lengths and raised almost £600.

Sam says: “Thank you so muchand I am so proud to be part of this experience in helping Treetopsand I am proud to be an honourable member of FOTS.

“50 supporters have helped me raise £599.74.”

Sam is no stranger to supporting good causes and being in the limelight, having won several awards for his efforts, shining the spotlight on autism and supporting charities. 


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