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Fire service and water industry come together for unique training exercise

FIREFIGHTERS joined with water technicians to test their response to a chemical fire as part of a unique training exercise.

The training exercise took place on-site at Essex & Suffolk Water’s recycling plant at Langford.

The chemical is challenging because once alight the flame is clear and gives off a heat haze, making it more difficult for fire crews to tackle.

A drone fitted with a thermal imaging camera is used to find the fire and allow firefighters to tackle it.

The training exercise took place on the evening of Monday 22 April and was arranged with Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, to give both organisations the opportunity to test their emergency response reactions.

Kath Clayton, Water Supply Team Manager at Essex & Suffolk Water, said: “It was great to watch the incident unfold and to see how the fire services reacted, as well as what is expected from us on site during an incident. There was lots of learning to take away for both organisations.”

Nick Trice arranged the event, as he is a Crew Manager at Maldon Fire Station on weekends and evenings, while during the day he is Water Supply Manager for Essex & Suffolk Water.

He said: “It went well, and it was an excellent opportunity for the teams to test their knowledge and practice our responses. Hopefully we will never have an incident like this when we need to implement these plans, but at least we’re well practiced should the worst happen.

“Thank you to the residents nearby who were very understanding of our need to do this.”


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