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East Midlands’ Hidden Gems: A Day-Long Dive into the Unseen Splendours 

Who wouldn’t love a quick little getaway anywhere in England, right? We’re here to remind you that the East Midlands region, often overshadowed by the South, has its own share of fun and beautiful attractions to offer. And since not many people talk about this area’s treasures, we’ll reveal some of the East Midlands’ hidden gems that you must visit. A day-long dive into the unseen splendours of the region will make you want to go back there again and again. 

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Parking Options at East Midlands Airport 

Why spend time looking for parking or worrying about the safety of your car when you can leave it at the East Midlands parking areas for as long as you need? Various parking services are available to meet all needs and preferences. For example, people on a tight budget can choose a space on an off-site car park which offers shuttle transfers to the terminal, while those who prioritise convenience can pay extra for a meet and greet service, which means that they can drop off their car at a designated point close to the terminal, where a valet will park it for them. You can evaluate and compare East Midlands Airport parking options on, where all affordable offers are gathered. And you can easily book your preferred option online without any hassle.  

Moving to and from East Midlands Airport 

At East Midlands Airport, you’ll find all the typical means of transport you’d expect to see. There are buses and coaches coming, stopping at designated spaces close to the terminals, and going. Bus fares are affordable, and buses operate regularly. For less crowded and more time-efficient options, you’ll find a taxi rank with professional drivers ready to take you wherever you ask. Additionally, a hire car can be waiting for you at a parking area if you have made the appropriate moves in advance. 

East Midlands’ Hidden Gems 

And now you’ve reached the good part; here are some East Midlands’ hidden gems that are definitely worth your time.  

Newark-on-Trent: The East Midlands region consists of several popular cities, such as Nottingham and Leicester. If you are on the lookout for a cute English town, Newark-on-Trent is the ideal place to visit. The picturesque riverside setting with a well-preserved castle and many antique shops is a destination you’ll adore.  

Belvoir Castle: You won’t believe that this underrated castle was built in 1067 and has been renovated many times. It sits on a hilltop in Leicestershire and offers magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.  

Wollaton Hall and Deer Park: Another spectacular attraction lies in Nottingham. An Elizabethan mansion surrounded by a vast parkland where you can spot herds of deer is the ideal spot to go for relaxing walks and picnics.  

How can you not want to go to that part of the country now that you’ve learned some of East Midlands’ hidden gems? We bet that you want, so all you have to do is start planning your trip there right… now! 


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