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Thurrock Labour candidate back plans to “end pothole hell”

LABOUR has today (WEDNESDAY 12TH JUNE) pledged to “end pothole hell”, as it set out its costed plan to back drivers.

Labour has pledged to fund local authorities to fix up to 1 million more potholes nationwide every year and crack down on soaring car insurance costs – saving drivers up to £250 in lower repair costs alone.

In 2023 it was estimated that the East of England had 3,400 of damaged roads, with 14% of roads in poor condition.

An AA survey from the same year also revealed a shocking 51% of residents in the East described their local roads as “terrible”.

Under the Conservatives, local roads have become symbolic of the state of our country – they are plagued with potholes that damage vehicles and push up insurance costs for drivers.

This is a cost-of-living issue that matters to millions of people. Pothole damage cost drivers almost £500m last year, with the average damage worth £250.

Car insurance costs have also spiralled out of control, increasing by over £200 on average in just two years. This has been driven by damage from pothole-ridden roads, soaring inflation and rising car thefts.

As well as bringing down costs for drivers and turning the tide on fourteen years of neglect of our local roads, Labour’s plan will break down bureaucratic barriers that leave projects bogged down in Britain’s broken planning system.

Labour’s Plan for Drivers will:

Fund local authorities to fix up to 1 million more potholes per year: improving the state of our local roads and preventing the damage to vehicles that is costing drivers hundreds of pounds in repairs and higher insurance costs.
Tackle soaring car insurance costs: by calling in the regulators to crack down on the causes of soaring costs.
Break down planning barriers holding back infrastructure upgrades: to ensure vital upgrades to our roads are delivered on time and to budget.

Labour will also end the sticking plaster approach to roads repairs by providing multi-year funding settlements to local leaders. This will change the way local authorities repair roads, supporting them to deliver longer-lasting repairs to local roads, prevent potholes forming in the first place, and secure better value for money for the taxpayer.

Labour’s wider plans for better transport will also deliver for drivers by accelerating the electric vehicle charge-point rollout, reducing traffic on our roads by providing better buses and trains, and delivering a new road safety strategy to prevent tragic deaths and injuries.

Labour’s plan to fix up to 1 million additional potholes a year will be paid for by deferring the controversial A27 Bypass – which offers poor value for money – and spreading the £320m funding for this project to local roads repairs across the country. Plans to break down planning barriers will help speed up other projects, including other planned upgrades along the A27.

Jen Craft, Labour’s Candidate for Thurrock, said:

“There is nothing more symbolic of the state of our country after fourteen years of Conservative neglect than on our crumbling roads.

“People across Thurrock are sick and tired of the woeful state of our roads. Potholes are a dangerous menace that cost households hundreds of pounds in repair costs, and put lives at risk.

“I hear stories day after day of the damage caused by this underinvestment, I recently had to call out the AA after getting a flat tyre driving down from Brentwood, so I know how my community are feeling.

“Labour is the only party with a plan to tackle the soaring cost of driving and fix our crumbling roads.”

Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, Louise Haigh, said:

“Cars are a lifeline for millions up and down the country. They get people to work, allow parents to get kids to school, and help carers support relatives – but drivers have been totally failed by this Conservative Government.

“The Conservatives have left Britain’s roads plagued with potholes, and have sat back as car insurance costs have spiralled out-of-control.

“Labour is the only party truly on the side of drivers. Our plan will fix up to a million more potholes every year, saving drivers hundreds of pounds in lower repair costs, and will crack down on soaring car insurance costs.

“We will make our roads safer for all who use them, and remove the barriers which bog down our planning system – speeding up infrastructure improvements and cutting costs for taxpayers.”


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