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Must-Have Features for Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Spring and summer are almost here, and soon many of you will be more than ready to get out there and spend some time in your outdoor living space. Whether entertaining alfresco, relaxing by the patio, or just taking in the time to breathe the fresh air, outdoor spaces are a retreat from the suffocating indoors.

Outdoor ceiling fans are built to withstand time, meaning you can spend days out back treating it as a breezy outdoor retreat. Nevertheless, Keep in mind that not all ceiling fans outdoors are manufactured similarly.

Choose With the Weather In Mind

Any outdoor ceiling fan top feature has the ability to withstand the elements. One way to go is to choose fans made of weather-resistant materials (think powder-coated aluminum or stainless steel) that won’t rust or corrode when exposed to rain, humidity, or, in some places during certain seasons, salty coastal air.

Outdoor ceiling fans are rated either as dry or wet. Wet-rated fans are designed to work in direct contact with moisture-say, under a covered patio, a gazebo, or in any outdoor space where they might get damp or be splashed with water and can get completely soaked without shorting out. Damp fans, on the other hand, are not meant to be used in conjunction with actual moisture but may live in environments with high levels of humidity.

Biggest Airflow

Outdoor ceiling fans are designed to move a ton of air to cool you down during hot weather. Consider buying a fan with a high airflow rating, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The more CFM, the better at moving air around and giving you that cooling breeze you desire.

Adjustable Speed Settings

Speeds will need to be adjusted depending on the ambient temperature conditions as well as different people will have different speed preferences. It can be tailored to your liking with multiple speeds to either produce a gentle breeze or get great circulation up and running.

Type and Size of Blades

If you do not have enough space, you might be interested in a ceiling fan made by a brand that has its models with extra short blades or one with retractable blades. Beyond that, consider fan blades designed specifically for outdoor use: aerodynamic, or perhaps tropically-inspired shapes that more effectively circulate air.


An option that many outdoor ceiling fans offer is to integrate lighting into the fan, which increases its functionality and can make your outdoor room feel even more magical. Look for fixtures featuring energy-saving LED light kits that provide output adequate to illuminate a room and reduce electricity bills.

Convenience of Use

Sometimes, all you need is to find an outdoor ceiling fan where you can operate it using a remote control. You can change fan speed options, toggle the fan on or off, and even manipulate in-built lighting all without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

Smart Technology

Lastly, as home automation becomes more common, some outdoor ceiling fans can now be linked to a voice assistant or home automation system. Tapping into dedicated hardware within iPhones using the functionality would enable you to switch to a different speed by voice or via a button in an app.

This list of must-haves is a guide on how to top performance, reliability, and enjoyment in an outdoor ceiling fan for your outdoor living spaces. The right kind of fan will convert your backyard or deck into a cool place, whether you want to spend time with friends or relax and unwind.


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