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A simple guide to live dealer casino games 

Casino games have been entertaining players for centuries, with many of the most iconic classic games still played today. But the modern gaming landscape has undeniably changed, especially with the shift towards online play. 

This has led to the creation of a hybrid form of casino play, the live dealer game. From the adaptation of card games like Blackjack and Baccarat to the creation of entirely new game shows like Crazy Time casino, you can now find plenty of games under the live dealer banner. 

Read on for our guide to the ins and outs of this newer form of casino game and what to expect if you enter a live dealer game. 

What are live dealer casino games? 

First up, what exactly are live dealer games? It’s pretty simple, these are online games that use real dealers to manage their gameplay in real-time.  

The dealer is based in a studio and interacts with the physical game elements and table. With the help of high-quality cameras this is streamed to players watching the game online, who can then make their wagers and other actions through their digital user interface. 

This effectively offers players the chance to enjoy elements of live play with the convenience of playing from their own device. 

Some of the most popular live dealer games 

Plenty of casino classics already have live dealer varieties on offer online, as the format quickly proved itself popular. Some of the most notable live dealer games you’ll find online are: 

  • Blackjack – where players compete with the dealer to get the hand value closest to 21 without going higher. 
  • Roulette – where players wager on the numbered pocket on the central wheel the ball will stop in, with a variety of different wagering options. 
  • Poker – the classic card game where players aim to form the best possible hand, with several major variations all having live versions. 
  • Craps – a dice game where players wager on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice. 
  • Baccarat – which revolves around whether the singular player hand or the banker’s hand will be valued closer to nine, or if the two will tie. 

How to play live dealer casino games 

Live dealer games function a little differently compared to other online casino games, so it’s worth reading up before you try joining one. 

As these games feature a live dealer working in real-time, players are likely to find themselves joining a session already in play. In these cases, it’s important for players to wait patiently until a new round begins, at which point they can make their wager or be dealt into the game. 

Pay attention to the timeframes of the game, as they will operate with set time limits on each portion of play. Players should make any wagers or moves in a timely manner so that they don’t slow down the flow of gameplay or miss out on their turn. 


Live dealer games offer a unique blend of online and live play, making them a popular choice among plenty of players. If you’re planning to try out a live dealer game, remember to read up on the rules ahead of time and be ready to respect everyone else’s time. 


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