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Decking Inspiration for Your British Garden: Composite Ideas Abound! 

Composite decking is affordable, versatile, eco-friendly, safe, long-lasting, and visually appealing. It’s no wonder many people turn to it when it’s time to touch up their garden. The beautiful thing about composite decking is that it goes beyond aesthetics, as it also increases the value of your property. 

There’s almost no limit to what you can achieve with composite decking compared to traditional wood decking. So, let’s dive into some innovative composite decking ideas that will turn your garden into paradise. 

Photo by Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

Build Deck Steps 

You can make your garden multi-level deck stand out by adding decking steps using deck boards. This makes it easier for people to move between the lawn and the elevated deck. You can still use the same deck boards for the steps, so there’s no awkward look. 

The last thing you want for your deck steps is a slippery surface, and that’s the advantage composite has over timber. 

Gray Decking Design 

Gray is a great colour to choose for your composite decking boards because it blends well with almost every colour scheme. With a grey composite decking area, you are opening up your garden to all kinds of activities from romantic dinners to kid’s playgrounds. 

There’s also the timeless appeal that grey composite decking boards bring. Come rain or shine, they don’t fade or go out of fashion. 

Built-in Bench 

Whether it’s a bench around a fire pit or just one by the wall, you can use composite decking to create bench seating for relaxation. If you want the floor to match the seating area, this is the perfect strategy. 

Construct a Planter Box with Composite Decking Boards 

A garden is not complete without plants, and you can make good use of your leftover composite decking by constructing a planter box with it. A planter box made with composite decking is more durable than one made with wood because it won’t rot when exposed to moisture.  

Also, a composite decking board does not come with harmful chemicals that may find their way into the soil, so your plants are safe. 

Construct a Garden Bed 

It’s no news that gardening is a hobby for many people in the UK, and a great way of putting your leftover composite deck boards to use is by constructing an elegant, functional raised garden bed.  

One of the advantages of using composite deck boards for your garden beds is that they don’t easily decay, rot, or warp. So, unlike wood, you don’t have to paint or spend much on maintaining your composite deck. Also, unlike wood, which comes with splinter issues, composite deck boards are splinter-free. 


You can add stones to the walkways or perimeter of your deck. You can form a creative design with the stones on your decking area or use stones that blend with the colour of your decking material. 


A creative way of using your composite deck boards is for cladding. If you have some leftover composite deck boards, you can clad your shed, garage, or even the playhouse of your kids. 

Apart from composite cladding being aesthetically appealing, it’s also stain-resistant. So, cleaning any surface with cladding in your garden is a breeze. 

That said, to have a sparkling clean garden, you may have to deep clean your surfaces with cladding once or twice a year. If your garden harbours termites, you can rest assured that any structure with cladding will not be affected by those little creatures. 

Storage Boxes and Shelves 

You need a storage area for your garden tools or even your kid’s garden toys, and that’s where storage boxes made with composite decking come with. With composite deck boards, you can rest easy knowing that insects, rain, and UV rays of the sun have nothing on your storage box. 

You can also make shelves with decking boards. These shelves can be used for displaying your plants, or even as placeholders for drinks and plates when it’s time for some outdoor entertainment. 

Fence Panels 

If you want to fence around the perimeter of your garden, you can use composite fence panels. We have already established that composite materials are durable, so you can rest assured your composite fence panels will stand the test of time. Your composite fence will also retain its appearance even after many years. With the wide array of composite board types available, you have the luxury of personalizing your fence. 


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