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New author helps Thurrock children with mental health story book called ‘The Meddling Muddles’

STANFORD-le-Hope resident, Lynne Northcott had been sitting on a book she had written during the Covid19 Pandemic for almost four years until recently publishing it as a first time author.

“Being in lockdown gave me an opportunity to get all my ideas out onto paper, however returning to work in schools meant I lost not only time but also the headspace to be creative and finish the book.” says Lynne.

As a child and adolescent counsellor working in schools, including Millhouse Primary School in Laindon, Lynne wanted to write a story book that would help children understand mental health by putting concepts into their child-friendly language and contexts.

The Meddling Muddles is about overcoming negative thoughts. It features different childrens worries such as academic or sports performance, friendship issues and body image. Readers follow the emotional journey of a girl called Milly as her self-esteem is damaged throughout the day. The relatable story resonates as the readers can feel sad seeing how negative thoughts damage relationships as well as how Milly feels about herself with an uplifting feeling at the end when Milly works through her worries and feels better.

Lynne launched her book at Millhouse Primary school earlier this month and received brilliant reviews from teachers, staff and parents. One class has been reading it every morning since and the children have learnt the skills needed to combat negative thoughts.

“The adults reading the book have been blown away by the story and have told me it is even helping them as well as opening up conversations with their child about their well-being.” says Lynne.

Lynne hopes she can release more Muddles books in the future as part of a whole series.

You can support Lynne by purchasing her book for £7 from https://jogon.org/products/the-meddling-muddles and there is free delivery to Stanford-le-Hope and Corringham residents using the code pickuponly


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