Saturday, December 2, 2023

St Clere’s Horrors!

Review by Terri Boase-Gray

This was by far the best amatuer show I have ever seen, the set was amazing and worthy of a much larger stage, the entire cast put their hearts and souls into it, The trio who sung us through the show, Bayleigh Mason, Emily Stonehouse and Rebecca Corben narrated through song with brilliant harmonies and real power to their voices, such enthusiasm it was a pleasure.

Will Copp who played the sadistic dentist was a hit with the audience, I think he really enjoyed his role!! the flower shop owner Mr. Mushnick played by Sam Roche carried this part of extremely well, in true Brooklyn style, almost convincing me he had owned the shop for real.

The lead roles of Seymour (Adam Holden) and Audrey (Cody Gray) were perfectly suited, both showing a very high level of talent, Adam has an incredible “Theatre stage” voice with some very fast moving lyrics to contend with, he did a wonderful job, the level of acting ability was far beyond his age. Cody had improved tremendously since last year’s High School Musical: her voice matured and her acting was very natural, she showed great humour in her lines and expression, the audience thoroughly enjoyed this and I noticed a few (including myself) reduced to genuine tears at her death scene.

These two are great together, remeniscent of Doris Day and Rock Hudson!! having done many school productions together.
Hats off to everyone involved, it was truly a brilliant piece, St Cleres will have a job upstaging this one.
I only wish I had another chance to see this.

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