Friday, May 24, 2024

HGV’s will be Clamped

Thurrock Council will be piloting a scheme to clamp lorries illegally parked in the borough from Monday (11 May).

This new trial scheme will run for two weeks to combat the number of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) illegally parked in the borough.

Cabinet Member for Public Protection, Cllr Ben Maney said: “The council has implemented overnight parking bans, conducted late night visits to move lorries on, and distributed flyers to drivers detailing the locations of Thurrock’s lorry parks.

“Despite these actions, we still have the problem of HGVs being illegally parked in a number of areas in the borough. This pilot scheme is being implemented to tackle this ongoing problem, which is blighting the lives of our residents, and it is hoped that the financial penalty will deter drivers from breaking the law once and for all.”

yourthurrock spoke to Cllr Maney to find out more

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