Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The Year Ahead

Tonight was the annual meeting of Thurrock Council. For once a placid affair with the ceremonial duties of swearing in a new mayor and a new leader took precedence over everything else.

It’s been a strange year for the council chamber. An audit commission that highlighted poor performance in some areas, the Tory leader crossing the floor to join the labour ranks and a council with the big two holding 23 seats each leaving the three independents which include the BNP member holding the crucial votes.

We enter a new year with the Tories electing a new leader. Some say that he will strengthen the Tories as there was much infighting under Terry Hipsey’s leadership and with Amanda Arnold as his deputy they could achieve much.

The Labour group certainly have praise for their leader John Kent and most agree that John would make an effective leader of the council.

Only time will tell. Yourthurrock took the opportunity to ask the senior members of the parties what they had in store for the coming year.


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