Wednesday, September 27, 2023

School is great

As every parent knows that first day at “big” school can be a daunting experience for both child and their concerned parents. In adulthood we can all remember that first day, its expectations, its disappointments, its surprises. Year 7 children across Thurrock are fast approaching the end of their first year at Senior school. They are probably already veterans and ready to sneer and look down their nose at next year’s intake of fresh faces who wander those large corridors in bewilderment.

At William Edwards School they have a cunning plan. Children who have been allocated to the school will be prepared. This includes visits, spending a week at the school and parental involvement at an early stage.

But to the kids approve and how has the first year been. We spoke to two year 7 children and asked them what they thought. We also spoke to Assistant Head Lesley D’urso to get the schools perspective. I’m sure similar schemes are in operation across Thurrock’s senior schools. It all goes to making that first day a little bit easier.


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