Saturday, September 30, 2023

Tackling the Art

It’s that nerve wracking time of year for thousands of young students as they settle down to weeks of exams determining their futures.

The Grays School Media Arts College is no exception and on visiting the Art Department “yourthurrock” were amazed at the natural talent of some of the pupils. Their teacher Serena MacKenzie could sing nothing but their praises and we could see why in the short time that we were there.

The GCSE is a combination of course work and a 10 hour exam whilst the Btec is a series of modules and worth 4 GCSE qualifications.

Lisa Chapman spoke to five delightful year 11 girls about the time and effort they have been putting towards their GCSE and Btec Art qualifications, not only in school time but also in their spare time using the school facilities during the evenings and weekends and was more than impressed with their work and enthusiasm.


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