Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Tories in Orsett

The European election campaign continues and today was the turn of the Tory Party. They chose to walk the streets of Orsett Village to accumulate support. And support was clearly there as they knocked on the five plus bedroom houses situated down idyllic leafy lanes.

Critics have said that this was just a backslapping exercise and for a taste of reality they should have been in Feenan Highway or Broxbourne Drive. To be fair perhaps that is their next port of call.

The main political parties are beginning to panic over a low turnout. The last two weeks have seen MP’s fall down the popularity scale faster than an American investment banker and its only a matter of time before the media are bored with our home MP’s debacle and turn their attention to Brussels. They’ve been here before of course but this time its fair game.

The UKIP party claim that a MEP will generate almost a quarter of million pounds in expenses and salary and the fear is that with a low turnout extremist parties such as the BNP will attract a large vote as their supporters will bother to turnout. Their biggest enemy is apathy though and with the European elections only 20 days away the big boys are going to have to work hard to regenerate interest.

Yourthurrock cameras followed the campaigners in Orsett and were invited to the home of Orsett councillors Mike and Diane Revell where we spoke to MEP Geoffrey Van Orden and candidate Vicky Ford


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