Euro Disaster for Lab

Euro disaster for Labour; Triumph for Tories; UKIP cement position as the second party in East and just under 100,000 votes for the BNP.

The Euro elections may see the curtain come down for Gordon Brown and it will act as a curtain raiser for the next General Election and the council elections in May 2010.

Con 3 31.2% +0.4
UKIP 2 19.6% +0
Lib Dem 1 13.8% -0.2
Green 0 8.8% +3.2
BNP 0 6.1% +1.7
Others 0 10.1% +0.7

Turnout 37.7

The winning Euro MEP’s for the East of England are:
Geoffrey Van Orden
Robert Sturdy
Vicky Ford
David Campbell Bannerman
John Agnew
Lib Dems
Elected Members
Andrew Duff
Richard Howitt

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