Friday, September 22, 2023

Diversity: Big in Japan!

What a difference a month makes! Our film interview with Gable Hall’s Perri Kiely after Diversity had first performed at Britain’s Got Talent was a sow burner in the viewing stakes. Then they won the whole thing. Now the film has 20,000 views!

Yesterday, YourThurrock had an e-mail from Fuji TV in Tokyo, Japan who told us that Japan is going crazy over Perri!

They had found the two films of Perri on and had lots of questions for us.
Today we phoned through an interview with one of the reporters.

They were very excited about Perri. Diversity’s agent needs to get the team over to Japan.

Meanwhile, here is the video of Perri back in September at a Gable Hall Language Karaoke Day.
See if you can spot him!

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