Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Ship Drama

A man who was trapped in a van, hanging over the edge of a container ship in Essex, has been freed by firefighters.
The man became stuck on The Victory, a container ship docked at Purfleet Deep Wharf, in Purfleet, at about 1230 BST.
A fire service spokesman said the man became trapped as he was driving a Renault van up onto a loading ramp and overshot the railings.
He said the van was left hanging over the ramp with the man, who is believed to be about age 35, still inside.
The man was released by 1315 BST.
Assistant divisional officer Jim Jones said the ferry operates on an eight-hour turnaround between Purfleet and Zebrugge transporting new vehicles.
He added: “We worked with paramedics, cutting away the hand rail and part of the van so that they could get him out safely on a spine board.”

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