Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Chief Exec Found Dead

The suspended Chief Executive of Basildon, Brentwood and Wickford Council for Voluntary Services (CVS), Mark Williams has been found dead at his Tilbury home.

Ambulance crews rushed to his home at Bown Close, Tilbury on Thursday evening (June 18th) where they found Mr Williams unconscious.

It is understood he died at the scene.

Mr Williams, who was also known as Mark William, Mark Thackham and Marc Thackham had been suspended from  Basildon CVS over a series of irregularities.

An emergency meeting of the Basildon CVS  was still in session at the time of going to press.

Mr Williams was  at the centre of a series of long-running disputes over the Tilbury Resource Centre.

He was the Labour candidate for Tilbury in the 2007 Thurrock Council Elections but was later deselected.

He leaves a partner, Susan Garner.

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  1. It is always sad when someone dies. However, probably like a lot of other people who were on the receiving end of this mans bullying and controlling actions I can only breathe a sigh of relief. Mark was clearly an extremely intelligent and bright man who could have made such a difference to many communities – but there was something very dark about him as he gathered power and support – once he had his feet under the table he then set about manipulating and controlling situations to his own advantage.

    My endeavours to support others from the wrath of this man only led to him mounting a very personal vendetta against me. As a person with many years credibility of working with different communities and groups within Thurrock I found little support from ‘the powers that be’ in tackling this man’s obsessions for power.

    There are many people I am sure that will hold Basildon CVS in high regard for having the tenacity and integrity to investigate any irregularities or upsets that occurred under this mans leadership.


    The only man slightly less evil than Mark whateverhewantstocallhimself was called saddam and got hung.

    RIP. AT LAST!!

    Burn Baby Burn! 🙂 Somebodys going to hell !

    Seriously, the word around town is everybody couldnt be any more pleased at this news.

    Now all we have to do is find out and expose all his wrongdoings.

  3. In response to this post, may it be said that Mark worked hard for Tilbury CRC in a volunteer capacity. He did upset a few people that you are obviously one, but he was not a bully nor manipulative, nor did he take any advantage from his unpaid work at the CRC. He cared for the project and helped (with the rest of the board) the centre become a self sufficient concern. This in the shadow of personal and unwarranted attacks on his personality by individuals that had different agendas. Mark even lent the centre money to see it through some difficult times. Mark did not have any dispute with the CRC but as a director was involved with some diffcult decisions that has been covered previously in the local papers. Mark was human and had some failings ilke the rest of us but tried to address them and tried to do the right thing. Mark was also supported by the other board members on this project.
    Any work that Mark done with the CRC was independant of his normal occupation and never crossed over, so I am appalled that you take this opportunity to sully his name after his untimely death and just to score cheap points. If there were issues with his employer that would have been sorted between them and him.
    To use this article for your own gratification is unfair, inhumane, and proves to me that you are a bitter individual that would go to any length to score cheap points off individuals that cross your path, even after the have passed away. Shame on you for such a cheap stunt. I will not respond further to this as I do not feel that you warrant such attention,so if you choose to attack me too go ahead, I will not respond any further because I for one do not think you warrant the time. All I ask is that you respect Marks family and friends grief and leave him alone.

  4. Norfolk Vic your a deluded and sad individual and your view of this man Mark Williams/Thackham, what ever he changed his name to to get away from the guilt he must have felt for causing the death of one of Tilburys very colorful people Ronnie Wooderson.
    That man badgered and mentally tortured Ronnie and his family until sadly Ronnie died and the family lost everything by him standing up and blatently lying in a court of law. You ask for this evil mans family to be given time to grieve you must be joking. Ron wasn’t dead for 24 hours and you all started on his son with letters from the CRC and specifically from Marc Thackham who shortly after causing the Death of Ronnie subsequently changed his name to Mark Williams. (Strange that dont you think??????)
    Did this evil Bas**rd give them time to greive NO HE DID NOT!!!!!!!!
    As far as I am concerned thank god he’s dead he has done us all a favour and good ridden’s to bad rubbish should have happened a long time ago and then Tilbury wouldn’t have suffered as it did when he was alive and reaking the havoc and destroying the lives of the Wooderson family and trying to ruin the businesses of ALM training, Paul from Rapid fix PC and the Taxi’s S & J.
    I could not have been happier when the news came through he was dead.

    I hope Mark Thackham/Williams rots in Hell for what he has done!!!!

    Sorry my comment wasn’t as diplomatic as your Gemini but i just can’t bring myself to be that nice, i want to spit every time his name is mentioned.


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