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Lucy Loved Stanford Fest

Festival Fever Hits Stanford
By Lucy Chipperfield

It is official. Thurrock’s got talent. And plenty of it!

Hundreds of festival fanatics flocked to the Crooked Billet park in Stanford all ready and raring to be rocked and rolled by the Stanford Music Festival. And by the standard of talent that graced the stage I very much doubt they were disappointed.

Black Ash, Blind Vision, Still Waiting, Hybrid 7 and a host of vocally gifted youngsters were among the talented performers to dazzle us with their renditions of classic and contemporary summer anthems. Also in the mix were a variety of energetic dance groups such as the bop-tastic Streetlife.

One rock group in particular proved to be extremely popular with the crowd. Only having formed 7 months ago, the Earnshaws created a riot whilst belting out their indie inspired tunes under the scorching summer sun. Who would have thought these rock-stars are in fact teachers from the William Edward’s School in Grays. All I want to know is why weren’t my teachers like that when I was at school?!

The celebrations rocked well into the night, with more and more people joining in the festival frivolities.

I would like to say a huge congratulations to the Stanford Forum for organising such an awesome event, and to the magnificent Dancing Dave for bopping away all day long! The man is simply a legend.

The Stanford Music Festival was simply amazing! In fact, it was cap-lockingly AMAZING!

See you next year!


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