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New Heart for Purfleet

PLANS which will restore the historic community of Purfleet, once a thriving market centre to its former glory are moving one step closer to reality.

The proposal which has been put together by Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation, will provide a new heart for the village, arranged around a public square with cafes and shops, a new rail station development and public transport interchange. The square is designed to be the heart of the community with a vibrant atmosphere, where people can feel safe to enjoy its mixture of shops, cafes, leisure and community facilities, day and night.

The total area being transformed by the plan is 59 hectares (approximately 146 acres), the equivalent of roughly 81 football pitches.

A detailed brochure and questionnaire about the revised framework, asking residents for their views has just been sent out. Members of the Development Corporation and the centre designers will be at a public exhibition to be held at the Royal Hotel from Tuesday 21 – Saturday 25 July 2009.

This follows previous consultations in which the majority of residents warmly welcomed the proposal and location of a new centre for the community. Responses from the last consultation have been incorporated into the new plan for Purfleet which now provides much better connection between different parts of Purfleet and the river.

If adopted, the plan will see some major enhancements to the area including:

New village centre focused around a newly created public square, surrounded by cafes, shops and community facilities

Dedicated commercial and employment areas, away from the village centre, designed to attract more businesses, investment and create up to 1,140 net additional jobs.

New primary school for 630 pupils, with increased playing fields and a direct route from the public square.

New, larger health and community centre providing a wider range of healthcare.

New supermarket and retail areas.

Relocated rail station entrance and new public transport interchange.

New and improved routes between areas of Purfleet, enabling people to move around the village more easily by foot, bicycle and car.

Segregated routes for industrial lorries and residential traffic

Around 3,500 homes of varying size and design, 70% private and 30 % affordable, based around central green spaces and parks for all to enjoy

Newly accessible river front and public riverside space

Leisure areas including woodland, playing fields and parks.

A new industrial and commercial district is proposed, with its own road links to free the centre of industrial traffic and create a dedicated business community where companies can thrive.

To address the current shortfall of housing in Purfleet, the Development Corporation is proposing a variety of new residential property styles, from family townhouses to apartments. The plan recommends that developments offer 70 per cent private and 30 per cent affordable housing, providing a range and choice to suit as many people, lifestyles and budgets as possible.

There will also be a larger number of public areas, from the civic square and residential green spaces to newly accessible river front, existing protected woodland and newly created parks and sports fields.

The consultation process closes on Friday 28 August 2009.

For further information or to comment on the proposed development framework please visit www.thurrocktgdc.org.uk.

Commenting on the proposals, Will McKee, Chairman of Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation said; “Our aim is to raise the overall quality of life for residents and to make Purfleet a place of choice to live, work and relax.”


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