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Bertie and Lucy’s Bikeathon!

By Lucy Chipperfield

Thousands of cyclists took to the streets of London on Sunday 19th July to take part in either the 13, 26 or 52 mile bikeathons; all in aid of Leukemia Research. And I went along to enjoy the ride!

Being a novice cyclist, your probably wondering why on earth I decided to voluntarily join the 13 mile bikeathon. Well, like yourselves, I suffered one of those ‘Miserable Mondays’. You know the ones. The weekend has just gone by far to fast, and the next one seems like light-years away, you have to face the brain-aching emails you left the Friday before, and each hour ticks by painfully slower than the last.

As soon as 5.30pm arrived I headed straight to the exciting portal of amazing opportunities that is Google and typed in a few challenge related words, desperately hoping something would jazz up my gloomy day. Enthusiastically I clickedy clicked and as if by magic, up popped the London Bikeathon. It said ‘Join’. I said ‘Yes’! and I clicked.

It wasn’t until after I received the confirmation email did I suddenly realise I didn’t actually own a bike and I hadn’t ridden once since I was about 10 years old. However, being an Anti-Mood Hoover, I decided to remain completely oblivious to those technicalities, and instead considered it to be a great excuse to visit Decathlon. It is an amazing place, you should go!

One month later, I had adopted Bertie the Bike, attached a flowery basket with a bubble machine to him, stuck a flower to my helmet, and I even managed to squeeze in 10 minutes of riding practice. How more prepared could I be?!

Eventually, we arrived at Ham House, and off I set on a 13 mile cycle around the ‘Scenic Route’ of London. Being the ‘Scenic Route’ I was expecting to see many woodland creatures, lots of trees and plenty of flowers. So, you can imagine my dismay when I was stuck on a roundabout dodging cars. I would have indicated with my arm to go right, but I hadn’t quite grasped the ability to let go of my handle bars. Soon enough, a few other bikers turned up and I poodled alongside them. Perhaps the only “scenic” part of the route were the “gentle inclines” that surprised me occasionally! Then again, I won’t complain about the hilliness, because the downhill parts were rather exciting and made me feel slightly like Superman in flight!

One hour and thirty five minutes later I dashed for the finish line and I even got a shiny medal to prove my bikeathon victory! Who would have thought a non-cyclist, who hadn’t ridden a bike for 11 years could complete a 13 mile bikeathon!

I want to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone who has sponsored me! You are truly awesome! Also, a big thumbs up has to go to the organisers of the London Bikeathon 2009. It was a truly amazing day and one I was glad to be a part of. No doubt a lot of money has been raised for Leukemia Research!

If you have been impressed by our bikeathon-tastic story and you want to join Lucy’s List of Legends, then it is not too late to sponsor us! Just clickedy click over to and donate freely.

On that note, I will see you next time for Challenge Number 7!


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