Saturday, September 30, 2023

Help To Cross Bridge Over

Many people didn’t know it existed but until today motorists scared of heights could pre-book a traffic officer to take them across in their own cars.

The little-known Assisted Crossing Service has been provided by the Highways Agency.

It was also available to anyone with claustrophia, with fears of the enclosed space of the Dartford Tunnel.

The new ruling means those with such irrational fears must now find their own way across the crossing – or find another route!

A Highways Agency spokesman said 185,000 vehicles used the QE2 Bridge and Dartford Tunnel each day..but only 60 people had taken advantage of this service over the past two months.

It has now written to the 49 people who were regular users to inform them it is being scrapped.

In a statement The Highways Agency said it “has not taken this decision lightly but would like to remind road users they have a responsibility to themselves and others to be fit to drive and to make prudent choices as to the routes they travel.”

Alternative crossings include the Woolwich Ferry and the Blackwall Tunnel.

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