Thursday, February 22, 2024

Council Talk Tough on Travellers

Thurrock’s ruling Tory Cabinet spelt out in no uncertain terms how they felt about the imposition of further Traveller pitches in Thurrock.

The Cabinet recommended that they continue to explore whether mounting a legal challenge is a possibility.

If the government plans go through then there could be a total of 167 pitches in the borough with a total population of over 3,000.

Little Thurrock Robert Gledhill said: “We have been ignored by this government and we must rally the public so that our voices are heard.”

“This is one government department endorsing another while trampling over the people of Thurrock.”

Any legal challenge must be made to the High Court six weeks from the 20th July.

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  1. The British National Party warned this in a leaflet three years ago and were vilified as racist liers. looks now not to be the case as the above story has now proven imposition of Traveller pitches in Thurrock, so The British National Party were incorrectly vilified for telling the truth again, an apology anyone.


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