Friday, September 22, 2023

Crooks sock socks it for crook Crooks.

A THURROCK man was foiled by leaving a bloodied sock behind at the scene of the crime in a burglary a court heard.

Dean Crooks, Creswell Avenue, Grays was arrested following a burglary on the 12th July at the TOPS Club at Argent Street, Grays.

Over £600 was found to be missing plus a a quantity of alcohol. The damage to the property was estimated to be £4,000.

Prosecuting agent told the court that a bloodied sock was found at the scene of the crime which on later forensic examination was found to have Crooks DNA.

Crook pled guilty to the charge. In mitigation he claimed that he committed the crime in order to support his family.

Sentencing was deferred to Basildon Crown Court and bail refused.

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