Friday, September 22, 2023

YourThurrock’s First Birthday

YourThurrock s celebrating its first birthday (September 1st). We have made over 1500 filmed news items in a year covering every aspect of life in the borough.

Here is a selection of our favourites over the past year.

Perri Kiely: Diversity

This film was originally called Gable Hall Language Karaoke Day. While we were filming we noticed the little lad at the back, making some moves. Six months later, we saw him on Britain’s Got Talent as part of Diversity.

We changed the name of the film and the hits have rocketed…..

The Grime Scene

We love the whole grime scene in Thurrock. To some of our reporters of a certain age it harks back to the punk scene of thirty years ago. It is raw but it is fresh.

The Funeral of Nicky Mason

The death of Nicky Mason in Afghanistan symbolised many things. The photo of the handsome young man with the piercing eyes was the death of a son, friend and comrade.

To others it was the adding of a name to the memorials to 1914, 1939.

Grays Athletic

Our site depends on viewers and we are very grateful for all those who look in on the soap opera that is Grays Athletic. Here is the manager/chairman/chief executive (delete as applicable) in meltdown.

Tattoo John

Where would we be without our cult man on the street, Tattoo John. This piece has more in common with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore but John often makes very valid points.


They could be the story of the next General Election in Thurrock. In the last two local elections they have gained 25% of the vote. The controversy will run and run. Has Emma Colgate cleaned up the Council as she promised? We will see..

Tall dark friend

We have followed the career of young Mr Jordan Gray very closely. We just love his voice. He is talented, intelligent and modest with it. Honey I’m Home is a classic waiting to be discovered and one day….

Drama at School

We used this one from Belhus as an example but we are so impressed with the work of all the Drama depts. in Thurrock schools. There is a real creative bond. We enjoy making the behind the scenes films as you doubt if it will be “alright on the night” but through the iron will of the teachers, they always are…


Again. we have used Stanford as an example as it seamlessly brings the community together but we have been so impressed with the number of great festivals in the borough. Thurrock doesn’t praise itself enough for the sense of community it nurtures.

Absent Friends

Not just dear departed Rudy Weeber but the nature of our site is that contributors will pass on. We started just as Grays footballer Ernie Cooksey was laid to rest and then Nicky Mason. May they all know that they have left their mark in this world

Thurrock Council

It was in March that many of the employees of the Council discovered our site. No wonder! as they were slammed by the Audit Commission; Terry Hipsey defected to Labour; were slammed by the Audit Commission and have hemorrhaged staff.

At the same time, there has been a tremendous amount of great work by many employees, day in and day out.


The Corringham Car Parking controversy crystallised how campaigns have embraced social media. The campaigners started a facebook campaign, the meetings were filmed and put on youtube. Result: the campaigners won.

Chadwell St Mary School campaign was another case in point as well.

Angela Smith and Andrew Mackinlay

We have been grateful for the access both our MP’s have given us over the year. We are very fortunate to have two personable and professional MP’s. We will miss Andrew when he stands down in May next year.

We are also very grateful for the councillors who have been more than accessible. Who will we choose as an example. He is rather camera shy but here is a rare glimpse of Cllr Carl Morris

Mrs Casey

Thanks to Mike Jones, Lisa Chapman, Matt and Lucy Harris (Pixelwork), Lucy Chipperfield, Sylvia Kent, Richard Buckley, Myles Cook, John Guest, Fuzzy Mannerz, Tanya Coutts, Paul Tandy, Colin Munford for all their contributions but most of all, thank you to Mrs Casey without whom, none of this would be possible.


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