Recycle 123

Easy as 1 2 3

Members of the Thurrock Council were out in full force at the Orsett Show this weekend promoting their latest recycling campaign.

A recent report from the Thurrock Council’s website revealed that an estimated 67% of Thurrock’s waste is deposited in unsightly landfill areas. This means that only an estimated 33% of our waste is recycled. This unfortunate truth means that if nothing is implemented to boost recycling in Thurrock, then we will continue to damage our environment and be overshadowed by the increasingly successful recycling campaigns of other boroughs.

Thurrock Council’s solution to this startling realisation is the distribution of three bins for every household. From September, Thurrock residents will receive a blue bin for recycled waste, a grey bin for non-recyclables and a brown bin for garden and kitchen waste.

As highlighted from the concerns of local residents, there will be teething problems adapting to this new scheme. However, as stated by Thurrock Council; ‘The way we can now achieve even higher recycling rates and reduce waste is to significantly change the way our waste is collected’.


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