Option C . The Debate begins

In April this year the Department of Transport issued a press release on the options proposed to cross the River Thames . Five options were considered and 3 have been put forward for further consideration. The third of those options (C) will affect our area dramatically , particularly Orsett, Bulphan, Chadwell St Mary and Linford.

The prospective candidate for Basildon and East Thurrock Stephen Metcalfe spoke to yourthurrock about option C and it seems that if they came to power the Tories would scrap the Dartford crossing toll , which to anyone with any sense would be the obvious and cheapest option to relieve the Junction 29-31 debacle which occurs 24 hours a day.

Perhaps they will scrap the toll if they came to power ,but they didn’t when they were last in office. In fact the only concession has been a substantial discount for Thurrock and Dartford residents after a long hard battle by Andrew Mackinlay MP.

This issue is going to run and run and we will be there to cover it.

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