Friday, September 22, 2023

The Orsett Show Spectacular!

By Lucy Chipperfield

As expected, thousands of people filled the fields of Orsett last weekend to witness the outstanding delights of The Orsett Show. And by the smiles on their faces I strongly suspect they were not disappointed.

What started as a simple agricultural exhibition over one hundred years ago, has now evolved into an incredibly enjoyable day out for the whole family. Whilst the traditional aspects were still prevalent throughout the day, there were many contemporary twists scattered around the picturesque Orsett fields, all adding to the celebrations. These included, bouncy castles, helicopter rides, wildlife and animal exhibitions, independent business stands, community groups, local arts and crafts, a bucking bronko and many more.

Admittedly, in the 22 years I have lived in Thurrock, I have never visited The Orsett Show. However, the reason I am willing to divulge this information and risk having my Thurrock citizenship questioned, is because I now know what I have missed out on for all of those years.

Without sounding incredibly cliched, it was one of the best days of my life! I flew in a helicopter, travelled on a traditional railway train, sat in a fire-engine (and even rang the bell!), met an array of talented individuals from the business, political, public service, and creative industries, and even received a free marrow! What more could I have asked for?!

Whoever believes that community spirit in Thurrock is a thing of the past is very much mistaken, and has never visited The Orsett Show. It was simply overwhelming seeing thousands of people brought together to celebrate the community.

On behalf of YourThurrock I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the organisation and execution behind The Orsett Show. It was an incredibly successful day that everyone enjoyed.

See you next time!


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