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Thurrock Asian Association

Was held on Saturday 5th September, 2009 at the T.A.A. Resource Centre, 35 Clarence Road, Grays which was well attended. The secretary read out the minutes of the last AGM which were approved. The honorary treasurer Captain Pawar presented the accounts for the year and answered questions raised by the members. These were approved.

Yash Gupta president of the Association presented his report and highlighted the following achievements of the Association and thanked everyone for their contributions including the Thurrock Council, S.W.Essex PCT, TRUST and the local Press.

1. There has been a steady increase in our membership, which now stands at 255 local families, increasing the target of 250 set by us last year.
2. We celebrated two prominent Asian Festivals; Baisakhi and Diwali which were well supported by all local communities.
3. We were able to sign Three Years’ Service Level Agreement with Thurrock Council which has given the Association financial security for the next three years.
4. We started HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAMME FOR OLDER PEOPLE with the help of S.W.Essex PCT which is benefiting the health and well-being of a number of older residents living in Thurrock.
5. Our Bolly wood dancing class is progressing well. They performed at three local community events including the Thurrock Festival.
6. Thurrock Asian Resource Centre has been very well used by individuals and various groups. This year 5220 visits were recorded into the Centre. Regular sessions are held for Women and Adult Music Class.

Officers and committee members elected fro next year were;
President; Yash Gupta, Vice President; Mr.M.Sing, Secretary; Mr. K Mitra, Treasurer; Cpt. G. Pawar,
Cultural Secretaries; Miss M. Mitra & Miss D. Gulshan,
Committee Members were; Mr. C. Chadha, Mr. Ram Tiwari, Mrs M Deshpande, Mrs S. Rajapaska, Mrs F.Arif, Mr. S.S Bassi, Mr. S. Limbu, Mr. M Bhadur Rai, Mrs L. Tacon, Mr N Sahi, Mr.D Dhonia and Mr. S.S Athwal.
The meeting finished with the Indian Refreshments and vote of thanks for everyone who attended.

Yash Gupta


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