Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Cat Trapped by Wall

Corringham Firefighters had to dismantle an electrical substation wall to free a cat who had been trapped there overnight. The incident took place in Armstrong place in Stanford le Hope

The unfortunate cat had fallen between a garage wall and the wall of the substation and was wedged in tight. Crews worked for nearly two hours to get it safely out and back to its worried owner.

Station Officer Jeff Wheal said: “The cat had fallen into a three inch gap and was well and truly stuck, completely wedged in there, about three quarters of the way down the wall.

“We didn’t have anything small enough to reach and try to maneuver it out so we called EDF Energy because we knew the only way to get it would be to take down the wall from inside the substation.

“We broke a hole through where we thought the cat would be and then removed the wall carefully brick by brick until we could reach the cat and pull it free. the owner was there and we were able to hand it straight back. She said it had been missing since the night before.

“It was hot, difficult and painstaking work but the crew all did an excellent job and we were all very pleased to see that poor cat back in its owner’s arms safe and well.”

The cat was released by 17:24hrs


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