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Councillor Bitterly Disappointed

avschA leading Thurrock Councillor has reacted angrily to Thurrock Council’s decision to re build the new Ormiston Academy School on it’s existing site in Aveley.

Labour Councillor for West Thurrock and Purfleet, Andy Smith, said;
“This is a travesty. Purfleet is a fast growing community which is earmarked for a lot of new homes and it is essential that infrastructure – such as schools – is provided for my constituents. The council, initially, appeared to have accepted this by designating the London Fire Brigade site as the home to the school in it’s Local Development Framework.”
 Without consulting any of the ward councillors for West Thurrock and Purfleet, or a single resident of Purfleet, Thurrock Council’s Conservative Cabinet decided the new school, funded by the government, should be built on it’s existing site in Aveley – leaving youngsters of Purfleet and West Thurrock a three mile journey to school. 
Councillor Smith was not prepared to take the decision lying down so he used the power of “Call in” to force the Council’s Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee to review the decision.
Unfortunately the Committee upheld the Cabinet’s decision on the casting vote of the Chair – Conservative Councillor for Corringham and Fobbing Anne Cheale.
Speaking after the meeting Councillor Smith said;
“I am bitterly disappointed by this decision. Building a brand new school – which I welcome – was the perfect opportunity for the council to recognise the needs of the communities in Purfleet and West Thurrock by siting it between Aveley and Purfleet. By spurning this chance Thurrock Council has turned it’s back on the young people of Purfleet and West Thurrock.”


  1. So a leading Labour Councillor is bitterly disappointed that the new schoolis to be built on the existing school site.

    He would rather buy a site the council does not own and waste money rather than use the existing asset which the council does own. Some cn will have to travel, but that’ part of life. Typical councillor reaction with scant regard for the cost of building on a site they would have to purchase.

    The London Fire Brigade site is in private ownership and we are told that Grays Athletic Football Club would like to relocate the football club there. Thank goodness the council have seen sense and hopefully will soon give the club permission to develop a football club in the community which is many, many years overdue.

  2. You are missing something. They won’t pull down the old school and return the land to the green belt. They would sell the site to developers who would easily get 100 + houses on it. £££££££££££££££££££


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