Saturday, September 30, 2023

Inspiring Youngsters

By Lucy Chipperfield

One of the best qualities about YourThurrock is its ability to discover and showcase the remarkable work that local people do. And Elliot Cranefield and Steve Blakey are fine examples of this!

Whilst I was at the Christian Fellowship Fun Day, I was very pleased to talk to these inspirational youngsters about their recent volunteering expeditions.

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  1. The very phrase, “Christian Fellowship”, fills me with fear. What these youngsters are doing is obviously extremely commendable and very worthwhile and I would like to congratulate them for their efforts. However why is it that anything that involves working for charity or a good cause has to be associated with religion. Practically every conflict in this world in which we live is started by religion, the middle east, Ireland, to name just two. When will people start to realise that brain washing our children from a very early age, (for that is what it is), does nothing to promote harmony and understanding amongst different ethnic groups. The sooner we abolish religion, the sooner we can start to live in peace with our fellow man. Unfortunately,this is never going to happen, so we are stuck with it. Great shame when you think how things could be with the likes of Elliot and Steve living in our community, doing good work abroad for the disadvantaged. Keep up the good work boys, but be careful what you preach about religion.


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